Rajasthan readies COVID-19 strategy for natives returning by air

Jaipur, May 22 (PTI) The Rajasthan government has put its machinery on a stringent COVID-19 testing regime for all those travelling back to the state by air, officials said on Friday.

According to the officials, around 310 natives of the state have reached the country from different corners in Delhi, Kerala and Gujarat, by air till Thursday.

A total of 148 Rajasthan migrants reached Jaipur from London on Friday, they said.

“Around 8,500 natives of Rajasthan have registered themselves for coming back to the state. The government has taken best possible measures and ensured full-proof strategy to ensure that health and wellbeing of migrants are not compromised at any stage,” Subodh Agarwal, Additional Chief Secretary (Industries & MSME and Head, State Level Committee for Interstate Migration) said.

“Proper screening and testing facilities have been deployed for each and every person coming back to the state,” he said.

All five airports located across Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Udaipur are expected to receive many passengers in the coming days.

As part of the coronavirus containment strategy undertaken by the state, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, had directed respective district collectors to ensure adequate arrangement of well-maintained quarantine centers.

Additionally, quarantine centers have been arranged in Alwar looking at its proximity to New Delhi, officials said.

“The Rajasthan government has undertaken all necessary steps to ensure smooth and convenient screening, testing and exit movement for people. Today, a flight landed at Jaipur from London. All travelers were sent to the institutional quarantine for 14 days. All of them were given masks, sanitisers and snacks with a welcome note by key officials at the Jaipur airport,' Agarwal said.

He said the state has also spoken to Delhi and Gujarat governments to ensure that proper arrangements are made, in terms of screening, testing, and maintenance of quarantine centers, for Rajasthan migrants reaching the airports in those states.

The officials added that Jaipur will be witnessing around 16 more flights carrying about 2,000 state migrants from Kazakhstan, Canada, UK, Russia and other countries in the coming weeks.