Rajasthan MLA criticises PM Modi's lal-batti move, says it diverts attention from real issues

"(Red beacon) light is no issue in the country. The issue is unemployment, poverty, jawan dying on the road, law, corruption are the real issues." says Bainiwal

An independent MLA from Rajasthan's Nagaur district, Hanuman Bainiwal, today claimed that red beacon lights is not a matter of concern in India.

Speaking to India Today, Bainiwal said, "Red beacon light is no issue in this country. The issue is unemployment, poverty, jawan dying on the road, law, corruption. What is lal-batti? Narendra Modi spoke about lal-batti to divert people's attention, that there is no difference between lal-batti VIP and common man."

Narendra Modi-led Centre has issued directions for doing away with red beacon lights with effect from May 1. In Rajasthan, however, the state government decided to implement the order from April 19 itself. In effect, in Rajasthan, the chief minister, ministers, bureaucrats and the police officials have been barred from using red beacon lights.

However, Bainiwal, known for his anti-government stance, said that he hasn't decided on whether he would remove the red beacon light on May 1 or not. He claimed he has always supported red beacon lights for MLAs. He said, "It's not just me who is using the light in Rajasthan. According to protoccol, an MLA is on a higher position than chief secretary. So if the chief secretary is using red beacon light, why can't we?"

"If I don't remove red beacon light, then the government is free to take action. Even in the state Assembly, I had supported giving red beacon lights to the MLAs," says Bainiwal

Bainiwal has been critical of Vasundhara Raje's government in Rajasthan on several fronts. He claimed that red beacon light issue has been raised to divert people's attention from real issues.


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