Rajasthan: Cow attack turns British tourist's Jaisalmer visit into nightmare

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Rajasthan: Cow attack turns British tourist's Jaisalmer visit into nightmare

Stray animal attacks have become a growing concern in the famous tourist destination of Jaisalmer, as recently a British national was hit by cow and injured badly on her visit to Sonar Fort.

It would have never crossed Mallisha's mind that a visit to Jaisalmer, a famous tourist destination in Rajasthan, would turn out to be a nightmare for her.

Mallisha, a young British national, was returning after visiting the famous Sonar Fort when a stray cow hit her, injuring her badly.

The impact of the hit was such that it flung Mallisha in the air. She has sustained injuries on the nose, elbow and other parts of her body.

A badly scarred and scared Mallisha was taken to the local hospital for treatment. An injured Mallisha informed, "I was returning to my hotel after visiting Jaisalmer's Sonar Fort when a cow brutally hit with her horns due to which (I) flew in the air. On falling down, I sustained injuries in the nose, foot, hand and elbow."

As per Mallisha, she was initially very scared but with the help of locals, she was taken to Jawahar hospital where she was treated upon.

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The issue of stray animals in Jaisalmer has gained alarming proportion. This is the fifth instance of a foreign tourist being injured in Jaisalmer in recent times. Sometime back, an Argentine died in Jaipur after being hit by an animal.

Few days back, the municipal department had started a programme to catch hold of stray animals but that came to a halt within three to four days. It is not an aberration to find stray animals with huge horns at Sonar Fort, Patwa Haveli and various connecting routes in the city which can pose a serious threat to the locals and tourists alike.

A couple of days ago, 79-year-old Jean Ribatdeer, on a visit to Jaisalmer, along with a group of French tourists, got seriously injured.

While he was clicking a picture, some stray animals came running towards him. Jean lost his balance causing him to fall on the ground. He was badly injured and had to be airlifted to Delhi.

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