Rajasthan Congress Chief Sachin Pilot Says BJP Desperate, PM Modi, Shah Just Making 'Noise'

Akshay Deshmane
Pilot denied that

JAIPUR, Rajasthan—As Rajasthan gears up for assembly elections on Friday, many analysts and people on the ground say that voter sentiment is inclined against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and chief minister Vasundhara Raje and towards the Congress. There is also a parallel narrative that the saffron party has regained some ground. State Congress president Sachin Pilot spoke to HuffPost India about why the Congress seems to be ahead in the perception battle and why the party has not announced a chief ministerial candidate yet. He also denied that the Congress is playing "competitive Hindutva" with the BJP in the campaign. Edited excerpts from an interview:

As polling day nears, there is talk that the BJP has bounced back and it is not going to be as easy for the Congress as previously expected. How do you read the current political situation?

Spending large amounts of money and getting people to fly in from Lucknow, Bhopal and Delhi to make speeches at the last minute does not change the mind of the people. Vasundhara ji has made people suffer for five long years and what has the BJP done in the last three or four days that will change their fortunes? What tangible work have they done? They are basically trying to salvage an already worse situation. So, to my mind, people have made up their mind—we are getting an overwhelming response to our campaign and with the Prime Minister and Mr. (Amit) Shah and other BJP leaders coming here; they are only making noise, but it can never be converted into votes because people have made up their minds. We are going to win.

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But the campaign one is witnessing only seems to have become about competitive Hindutva, with Rahul Gandhi saying something in terms of a Hindu identity and the Prime Minister responding...

Mr. Gandhi's speeches are primarily focused on agrarian crisis, jobs, economy and corruption. It is the BJP that...

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