Rains Lash Several Areas in Mumbai, Brings Respite From October Heat

Team Latestly
The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Friday said that a deep depression over the Bay of Bengal would trigger heavy rainfall in Odisha.

Mumbai, October 17: Heavy rainfall lashed several parts of Mumbai on Wednesday evening, bringing some respite to people from the scorching October heat. Areas including Thane and Navi Mumbai witnessed thunderstorms and lightning followed by heavy rainfall. Parts of Kharghar, Airoli, Ghansoli, Seawoods, Malad, Matunga and Goregoan also witnessed a downpour.

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A rise in temperatures in Mumbai over the past few days created havoc among commuters. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), earlier this month had said that this is the hottest October since 2015 and added that Mumbaikars may get a respite from the October heat in a week or so.

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The cause of the super-humid days and cloudy mornings in Mumbai was due to the depression in the Arabian Sea. However, Bishwombhar Singh, the IMD Director Scientist (E) said that there is nothing unusual about the month of October registering high temperatures. UN Body's Crucial Report on Global Warming Impacts in October.

Reports inform that the ‘October heat’ in the metropolis, has seen an increase in ticket sales of the sole air-conditioned suburban train, a Western Railway official said Tuesday. According to a PTI report, in first 10 days of September, 9 283 journey tickets and season tickets were sold and 1.29 lakh passengers used the AC local, earning WR Rs 49.25 lakh while in the first 10 days of October this month, 14,921 journey tickets and season tickets were sold.

On October 8, Mumbai experienced the temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature in October recorded in the past two years. Before this, the highest temperature was in October 2017 which was 36.6 degrees Celsius.