This Rainforest Resort Will Let Guests Sleep in Tree Houses Shaped Like Seed-Pods

Kelly Corbett
Photo credit: Mandai Park Holdings

From House Beautiful

If you've ever wanted to stay the night in a rainforest without the fear of an animal shaking down your tent in the middle of the night, you're in luck. An eco-friendly rainforest resort is currently being built in Singapore, that will let guests sleep in luxury seed-pod shaped tree houses and really get in touch with nature.

As a refresher, Mandai, Singapore is currently home to the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari. However, over the next couple years, the Mandai Project plans t0 rejuvenate the land and turn Mandai into an absolute nature destination complete with an eco-resort, designed by local firm WOW Architects.

The resort will feature 24 elevated tree houses designed in the shape of seed-pods, built amongst trees surrounding the retreat. There will be 338 rooms that will bring guests "closer to nature through a biophilic design that integrates the buildings with their natural surroundings," according to a press release. Stilts will elevate the resort off the ground, keeping it unobtrusive to the natural habitat and allowing wildlife to move across the site. This resort aims to blur the boundaries between living spaces and nature, providing guests with all the comforts of a luxury hotel, and a rich backdrop of the rainforest.

Photo credit: Mandai Park Holdings

The design will incorporate solar panels, mixed mode air-conditioning, and natural ventilation techniques, aiming to be the first Super Low Energy (SLE) resort in Singapore. In addition to the hotel's sustainable design, the staff will encourage guests to engage in environmentally-friendly practices. These practices include cutting back on energy and water consumption in their rooms, recycling, disposing food/waste responsibly, and being respectful of the surrounding flora and fauna. There will also be a specially curated program of activities, including behind-the-scenes programs, guided nature walks and hand-on activities.

The resort is slated to open before 2024. We've never been more excited to be at one with nature from the comfort of a cozy hotel bed.

Photo credit: Mandai Park Holdings

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