Rahul Spends New Year With Mother Sonia Gandhi in Goa

Sonia Gandhi has been in Goa since December 26 while Rahul Gandhi joined her on New Year’s Eve.

New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi has joined his mother Sonia Gandhi for a short vacation in Goa. He is expected to return to Delhi on Wednesday.

Sonia has been in Goa since December 26 while Rahul joined her on New Year’s Eve.

In a role reversal, this time Sonia, not Rahul, went for a long vacation. Sonia had been skipping vacations as Congress president, busy with party work, while Rahul was seen taking frequent vacations.

However, now that she has stepped down as party chief, she has more time for herself. Sonia formally handed over the baton of Congress president to Rahul in December last year.

She is holidaying at the Leela Hotel in south Goa. The hotel is a favourite of Sonia’s as it offers her a privacy like few other resorts can.

Sonia was seen in a relaxed mood after embarking on her vacation, freely interacting with tourists and even cycling during her stay at the exclusive resort. She even obliged other guests and residents seeking selfies with her.

Sources say that Sonia is spending time at the Leela with selected close friends. She is doing her yoga and reading books. And has stayed away from watching or keeping track of the news.