Rahul Roy Says Shah Rukh Khan's Role in Darr Was First Offered to Him


Bollywood actors Rahul Roy, Anu Aggarwal and Deepak Tijori recently appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show to celebrate 30-years of their 1990 film Aashiqui. On the sets of the comedy show, Rahul revealed that Yash Chopra’s 1993 drama-thriller Darr was written keeping him in mind, but he had to give away the movie due to date issues.

The actor shared that post his Aashiqui success, he wasn’t offered any projects for the next six months. “But suddenly I was offered almost 49 films and I didn’t know which to take and which to leave,” he added.

Remembering the incident where he was called by Yash Chopra, he said, “I remember Yash ji had called me for a narration. I was pre-occupied with other films and couldn’t take up the offer as many of the projects I had signed on were already on floors and filmmakers were fighting for my dates.”

When probed about the Bollywood movie, Rahul said, “Well, the film was Darr, which later went to Shah Rukh Khan and shaped his career. His character Rahul was written keeping me in mind. I still have the big regret of not signing that film.”

After Rahul’s breakthrough movie, the actor could not appear in many notable projects since most of his movies got shelved due to various reason. Rahul admitted going on a hiatus on his own accord as he said, “I went out for a good nine years, and that was my choice. So I can’t really complain.”

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