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Bliss again

"Being a mother has been one of my biggest achievements and I wear it like a badge because I take my job very seriously. I am giving a shape to the future generation, and I feel responsible for it. My role as a nurturer has paid me back in ways I couldn't even imagine. Destiny has decided to bless me yet again and I couldn't have been more happier. The beginning of this pregnancy came along with various hurdles; relocation with a child, while the husband had to be away most of the time because of more responsibilities at work, hunting for a house, a nursery, a school, an ob-gyn a pediatrician, a hospital all in the first trimester with nausea like never before! But as they say fortune favors the brave, we have been fortunate enough to finally get all that we wanted because we dared to dream and only one word comes to mind - gratitude. Thankful for all the good that touch us everyday! Hope we all can see and admire all that's truly good and happy in our lives instead of focusing on what's not. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! #thanksgiving #madonna #mydubai #lamerdubai #beach" Dimpy opens her heart out through this touching caption for this beautiful picture.

"Rahul Dulhania Le Jayega" fame reality TV star, Dimpy Ganguly all set to welcome second child

Soumashree Ganguly came to be known as Dimpy Ganguly and the world starts looks at her as the 21 year old that married a politician’s divorced son through a reality TV show.

But Dimpy has evolved into a whole new person after shedding off that odd identity. Basking in the glory of motherhood, she is all set to welcome her second bundle of joy.

Read on to know how life turned out to be for her.