Rahul Gandhi slams Centre as India crosses 2 million coronavirus cases

Alphonse Joseph
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New Delhi, Aug 07: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday slammed the Centre as India became the third country in the world, after the US and Brazil, to report more two million cases of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

It can be seen that India is behind the United States, which is the worst-hit country by the coronavirus pandemic with nearly 5 million cases, and Brazil with more than 2.8 million cases.

Taking to Twitter, Rahul Gandhi said, "20 lakh mark has been crossed, the Modi government has gone missing."

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He also added his tweet from July 17, a day the country had crossed the million mark.

India recorded the second million in three weeks since the country hit a million infections on July 16, with 42 per cent of the new cases coming from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar.

It is reportedly said that the next million cases may take just a little over two weeks if the coronavirus cases in the country continue to grow at the same rate they have till now.

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They said India's focus of the battle against COVID-19, now needs to shift to the hinterland and the peninsula, both high population density regions with, in the case of the former, significant rural populations and relatively inadequate health care systems.

On July 16, when the country touched a million cases, nearly 56 per cent of all cases could be traced to the three regions that were the original hot spots of the disease in India - Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi.

Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar, which together reported less than 19 per cent of cases in the first million, reported nearly 42 per cent of new cases since July 16.

Since the beginning of coronavirus cases in India, Rahul Gandhi has been attacking the government relentlessly over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The former Congress president had posted an infographic from a news channel that listed 10 countries with the most cases in the 24 hour period with nearly 53,000 new cases in India.

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