Rags to riches: NBA Champion Serge Ibaka returns to restaurant where he used to beg for leftovers

Serge Ibaka returns to Congo with Larry O’Brien trophy (Source: Serge Ibaka/Twitter)

Toronto Raptors’ Serge Ibaka goes back to where he started, to his roots after winning the Larry O’Brien trophy on Saturday. Ibaka returned to his country Republic of Congo, to the streets of Brazaville in Congo to eat a full meal at the same restaurant where he used to beg for leftovers.

Sometimes life is like a movie and this script is written by God only, he wrote in an emotional tweet where he can be seen eating with the trophy beside him.

Here’s the tweet that is going viral on the internet:

The 29-year-old fled the country before the Second Congo War to make a career playing basketball. Before starting his professional career began in Spain, Ibaka played for a second pision basketball team in France.

The Congo-born basketball player was granted citizenship in 2011 as he went on to win a silver medal for Spain one year later in London Olympics.