A Rage in the 90s, Fishnets Are Back Ruling the Street Style Scene

Your mummyji will not like this trend, and your dad will certainly be livid. But fishnets are back in vogue and you gotta wear if you want to be “with it”.

What’s more: Even the Kardashian sisters have a special affinity for it.

Fashion magazines in India and elsewhere are all talking about this mesh trend.

Fishnets came to being in the 1920s but achieved peak popularity only when they were introduced in the 70s films.

Fashion historian Valerie Steele writes that with the rise of punk in the 70s, fishnet stockings came to be a visual trope of the subculture.

Fishnet stockings can be many things: They can be risque, bold, sexy, or reflective of a deviant or alternative demeanour.

Once a rage in the 90s, fishnets are again ruling the street style scene. Stylish women have already begun to take part in the fishnet takeover. Take a look at blogger Aakshii Kashyap’s camo dress made even more edgy with the wide holed fishnets.

Or Vaishali’s fishnets gaping out of her torn jeans.

Instagrammer Sherlyn too has worn fishnets with shorts and boots that look like she is all set to front a metallic band.

For some more inspiration, go back to how Kangana owned the look back in 2015.

(Photo Courtesy: Facebook)

Oh and before you go: A Public Service Announcement. For those of you who don’r approve of this style, kindly refrain from slut-shaming those who opt for it!