Who is Rafael Costa? The Social Media Marketing Maverick Taking The World By Storm

Team Latestly
·3-min read

What does it take for you to grow your business during lockdown when many businesses and industries are going under? The world is changing and Rafael Costa is changing the game for many individuals. From having a radio show, to supporting others with his podcast, his social media growth strategies and starting new businesses, he is now the next up and coming social media superstar. With 12,000 followers on Instagram and thousands on other platforms he is inspiring many new entrepreneurs to start a business.

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Rafael has been in business, marketing and sales for over 10 years, and has supported many small & medium sized businesses grow their clientele and following. “Business works when you put the work in, and believe in yourself. For some people it takes time, but for others it will be easy depending on self-development” but for him it is about educating others, or creating strategies that are suitable for specific businesses.

What are you working on right now?

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Infuse Growth is my new baby, even though I have been working on this project for a few months. I am always working on changing lives; my main focus right now is business development. My new company is now active since September, and since then I have worked with 3 different clients, but I am looking to expand my team and get more time for new clients that need support in digital marketing strategies. Many are focusing now on Google ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads, but they struggle to get results because of how they structure their content and how competitive it is right now, or maybe how slow their website is. Many business owners do not want to find flaws in their business, and they always assume their business is going well, but as I found from meeting many entrepreneurs and business owners, there are two things many do not want to let go. They don’t want to let go of their business by trusting experts and they don’t want to spend money in quality so they always lose out to the competition which decided to risk more. How do you get results if you don’t get the right people involved in your business?

What companies would you want to work with?

Within 10 years I worked within various industries, but always in sales, marketing or business development, which are all linked. Media, Education, Business Training, Recruitment, Construction, Sales, Network Marketing are some of the industries which I experienced, and I realised that even though they are different, there are only 2 types of specialisations out there that I would work with no matter the industry. B2C so selling Business to Consumer, or B2B which is Business 2 Business, so basically all businesses are my target market.

Who influenced you to start a business?

In college I decided to do business, and it was a good experience, I think I did one of those career guidance personality tests in school, and then college and it always pointed towards business or teaching, I guess there was some truth in those tests after all. I think people that I watch the most have been Robert Kiyosaki and Grant Cardone, and they inspire me to do more. I think the most important reason for me starting a business is my family, without having a reason why it becomes very difficult to dream big.