Radicalisation study row surges ; Is Left muzzling free speech? | Top Headlines

Top Headlines of the Hour:

1) According to the ordinance signed by Kerala Governor, Kerala Police can provide jail term for any social media or that is deemed as offensive or threatening.

2) As the debate over free speech row and new law for social media in Kerala is surging, Chief Minister Vijayan Pinarayi has responded saying 'There is no curb on personal liberties; no curb on freedom of the press’.

3) Home Ministry approves radicalization study, suggestions mulled to make changes in the UAPA Act. Opposition slams the move.

4) Ashok Gehlot’s mantra caught on tape threatening another candidate ahead of local body elections.

5) Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said animal husbandry, forest, panchayat and rural development, revenue; home and farmer welfare departments will now be a part of the 'Cow Cabinet'.

6) North India reimposes COVID-19 restrictions to curb the pandemic spread.