RadiantArts Showcased Their 'Thirst for the Divine' Collection at India Art Festival, 2019

- Showcased art of 11 artists in the form of painting, calligraphy, poetry and photography- RadiantArts showcased art pieces around humanity's quenchless thirst for the divineNEW DELHI, Nov. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- RadiantArts showcased the art pieces from their 'Thirst for the Divine' collection at the 4 day long exhibition by India Art Festival, 2019, at the Thayagraj Stadium (New Delhi). The exhibition, dated from November 14th to November 17th, 2019, saw visible traction from numerous art enthusiasts and connoisseurs from across the city. The artists line-up for the festival included Zaenab JSL, Zainab Tambawala, Zahra Ammar, Mariyam Hebatullah, Burhanuddin Nagarwala, Mazher Nizar, Samina Sachak, Qusai Malindiwala, Huzefa Zakir, Mohammed Moiny, and Moiz Nagpurwala.

The RadiantArts exhibit revolved around showcasing art works which depict the artists' perspectives on spirituality and enlightenment in their myriad forms. These perspectives all reflect the centrality of light and its sources, its forms and its effects as the truest metaphor for understanding and depicting the divine. The art display was appreciated and admired by numerous notable personals including Kenneth Juster - United States Ambassador to India, Sadhu Amrutvadandas along with his fellow mates from BAPS, and Ziya Sayed Rizvi from Times Group Kuwait.

Huzefa Tawawalla, Coordinator at RadiantArts said, 'The 11 artists who hosted their pieces with RadiantArts were well appreciated and well received by the Delhi audiences. We aim to participate in more such art exhibits so our unique art and our talented artists get more opportunities to interact with the art lovers.'Adding to the same, Joheratush Sharaf Attarwala, Coordinator at RadiantArts said, 'A platform like RadiantArts aims to constantly help the Dawoodi Bohra community artists and introduce these artists to the world and showcase their talent. By taking part in these exhibitions, we help them gain more exposure in addition to popularize their talent amongst art lovers.' About RadiantArts:RadiantArts, or Anwaar al-Funun as it is known in its original Arabic, is a Fine Arts platform for the Dawoodi Bohra community which provides artists an avenue to showcase their work. Exhibition by this platform are organized not only for both budding and established artists to come together to display their art but also to provide the opportunity for artists to utilise their talents for spiritual and material growth. As a result, the platform not only celebrates aesthetics but strives to engage with spirituality and common heritage in its many forms. This duality of appreciating both the material and spiritual is represented by the same 'Anwaar': the Arabic plural for both flowers and light.

Through the multiple exhibition and an online gallery, they showcase original, unique pieces of art contributed by artists all over the world. From Vadodara where a budding 18-year-old artist is endeavouring to balance his passion for art with his studies to Yemen where an Indian born is creating an amalgam of Indian culture and Arabic traditions amongst many other distinguished and established artists from India, Pakistan, USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia as well as many more countries in future.

RadiantArts is a platform for appreciation, creation, and display of art that represents 'meaningful and purposeful existence'.