'Radhe' review: Salman slaps defamation case against KRK, he reacts

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26 May 2021: 'Radhe' review: Salman slaps defamation case against KRK, he reacts

Salman Khan has filed a defamation complaint against actor/critic Kamaal R Khan over the latter's review of Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai. In response, KRK thanked the superstar for the case, and said the suit was a proof of his "hataasha" and "niraasha." He posted the image of the legal notice, along with the declaration, which said that he'd delete the review, if needed.

Timeline: KRK promised to not review any Salman movie henceforth

KRK's first tweet about the matter was fierce, where he vowed to battle it out with the Bhai. "You should make better films instead of stopping me from reviewing your films," he thundered. KRK however changed his stance soon after, when he announced that he'll not be reviewing Salman's flicks anymore. "Salman khan filed defamation case...means he's getting too much affected by my review."

Details: Not here to destroy Salman's career, KRK appeals

The controversial actor-critic also appealed to Salman's father Salim in this light. "I'm not here to destroy @BeingSalmanKhan films or his career. I review films for fun," KRK humbly began before adding, "there's no need to file a case to stop me from reviewing his film." "Salim Sir, I am not here to hurt anyone...Pls ask him to not proceed [with] the case."

Root: But, what did he say in the review anyway?

What exactly rubbed Bhai the wrong way? Firstly, Khan called the superstar "Sallu Dadu" in the clip, alleging the bare body shown in Radhe was not his own. He then said the movie was as dangerous as the coronavirus, narrating, "While corona damages the lungs, this film damages the brain." The impressive views on the video (11 lakh) must have been another sore point.

Information: Salman's legal team appealed for an 'urgent hearing' tomorrow

KRK was successful in receiving what he strives for the most (read attention), and only time will tell how the suit pans out. According to The Times of India, the case has been filed in a Mumbai court and the Race 3 actor has reportedly appealed for an "urgent hearing before an additional sessions judge of the city civil court on Thursday (i.e. tomorrow)."

Fact: The superstar was quick with the piracy menace too

The urgency shown by Salman falls in line with the prompt action taken by the star against the piracy issue as well. After warning people not to download Radhe illegally, Salman decided to file a complaint with the cyber cell, when it got leaked.

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