Rachel Bloom Says Red-Carpet Perfection Is a Total Myth

Rachel Bloom (Photo: Getty Images)

The last time that Rachel Bloom decided to forgo a stylist and choose her own red carpet ensemble, she got slammed.

But that didn’t stop the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star and co-creator from dressing herself for Tuesday night’s Gracie Awards. She picked out her dress at Bergdorf Goodman and — wait for it — paid for it herself.

She did a little shimmy and proudly showed off her jewelry, which added a little sparkle to the look. “This is my engagement ring. My husband picked this out. He is my ultimate stylist,” she told Yahoo Style.

All jokes aside, the Golden Globe-award winning comedian is still reeling over the fact that a blogger had the audacity to attack her fashion sense last year.

“That one time I dressed myself, that’s when I was picked on,” she said, with a scowl. “I think it exposes the level of privilege and also dysmorphia that happens on the red carpet. Everyone on the red carpet has had their makeup, and their hair, and their wardrobe and everything picked out by literal experts.”


Rachel Bloom in the outfit that dress that caused such a ruckus in 2016. (Photo: Getty Images)

She would like to see red carpet fashion be treated like “fine art.” She also stresses to the public that the concept of a physically flawless celebrity is all smoke and mirrors.

“People feel like, ‘Why don’t I look like Jennifer Aniston?’ Jennifer Aniston doesn’t look like Jennifer Aniston. It gets dangerous because it affects people’s self-confidence and self-worth,” says Bloom.

But speaking of looking flawless, Debbie Allen, who was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award, stunned in a form fitting Fouad Sarkis gown. Her daughter, who accompanied her for the evening, was also wearing the designer.

The Grey’s Anatomy star told Yahoo Style that she had originally planned on wearing “a little tired thing” that she had in her closet but was convinced in the final hour to seek the help of a stylist. He led her to the dreamy dress.

“He zipped it up and it fit and I was like, ‘All right, honey,’” she quipped.

She added that she attributes her ageless face to trying to working out and sweating at least five times a week, and drinking a lot of water.

Allen, who serves as a producer on Grey’s Anatomy, was ecstatic for the chance to celebrate females in media for the night. While discussing the gender gap in the entertainment industry, she noted that she’s doing her part to get more females behind the camera. “Grey’s Anatomy has 24 episodes, more than 12 will be directed by women,” she says.

And yes, she’s faced her share of discrimination in her long and storied career. “I had a director pat me on my butt one time when I was choreographing Fame, and tell me, ‘Don’t worry your little heart about where the camera is.’ I was telling him what the camera shots were.”

Debbie Allen (Photo: Getty Images)

She told him to listen up and let her lead. “The rest of the day he had me calling action and cut. So you know you got to stand up and take the bull by the horns, stand up for yourself even if it means you’re gonna get in trouble. I mean, I’ve gotten into trouble, you know standing up.”

TV journalist Natalie Morales told Yahoo Style that she has faced her fair share of Twitter harassment. “I get a lot of ‘Are you pregnant?’ she said. “Social media is so cruel. I just ignore it.”

Morales added that she saw the recent story where Halle Berry was accused of being pregnant after wearing a tight dress to LA’s annual Chrysalis Ball and could totally relate. “I know what I look like after a steak and fries,” she said, with a laugh. “So I totally feel it.”

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