R-day violence updates: Robert Vadra cites Rihanna's tweet on protests

The outcry of farmers against the three contentious laws of the centre, which they claim would leave them at the mercy of corporations, has seen a massive outpouring of social media support in the last few hours as international pop star Rihanna, environment activist Greta Thunberg, and U.S. and U.K. lawmakers tweeted about the upheaval that started in late November.

Robert Vadra, son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi, cites Rihanna's tweet on the protest, says 'roar of tractor has gone global'. While on the other hand, BJP points to 'hidden hands'. BJP MPs have put out videos saying that Rihanna must also see how Delhi police personnels were attacked. On the other hand we have those supporting the farmers, completely in support of what Rihanna has tweeted. To know more, watch the full video!