Quit or face a headshot: Hizbul stoops to new low as it threatens women cops

Vicky Nanjappa

Srinagar, Sep 23: Barely two days after killing three special police officers in Jammu and Kashmir, the Hizbul Mujahideen is at it again. This time it has included women cops to the list of who it wishes to target, if they did not resign from their posts.

On the social media, the Hizbul said, " we request women SPOs and women constables to resign from their jobs. If not be prepared for bullets. This rule is for all those who have links with India."

Further the outfit also circulated a list of police personnel, which included officers with photographs on the social media sites. They were asked to resign within two days or face death.

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The list was also circulated on WhatsApp. In another post, a warning in Urdu was posted. Superimposed on the picture of a police personnel, the post read, " brothers, resign from your job or be ready for a headshot."

On Friday, the Hizbul killed three SPOs, Firdous Ahmed, Kulwant Singh and Nisar Ahmad Dhobi. They were first abducted from their homes, following which they were killed.

Apart from the cops, the outfit has also issued a warning to the political workers. They have been urged to resign or face the consequences. The terror group also made a video with two former PDP workers in they pledged not to work with the mainstream political parties in the Valley.

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In the video, a man from Mangalpora announced his resignation from the PDP. The terrorists not visible in the video are heard prompting him to ask his colleagues to quit or face the bullet.

Following the death of the three SPOs, there were a spate of resignations on the social media.

However the Union Home Ministry dubbed them as fake and said that it was the propaganda machinery of the Hizbul which was at work.

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These threats come in the wake of the security mechanism being on very high guard ahead of the crucial local body polls to take place between October 8 and 16. The elections to the urban bodies would be followed by the panchayat polls to be held in nine phases between November 17 and December 11.

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