Quick Review: What Do Donald Trump’s First 100 Days Look Like?

On the eve of completing his first 100 days in office, US President Donald Trump called his stint so far the most successful in the history of his country.

Trump also claimed that his administration had been able to bring about significant change in Washington, in merely 14 weeks.

The 45th President of the United States stepped into the Oval office on 20 January. Celebrating the completion of his first 100 days, Trump is set to fly to Pennsylvania to address a big rally.

Trump also asserted that in a short span of time, his administration had successfully brought back jobs.

Donald TrumpMost importantly, we’re bringing back jobs. You asked the people of Michigan; you asked the people of . . . See the car companies come roaring back in. They don’t want to leave . . . They want a piece of the action.

The 70-year-old President also said that American companies had recorded “fantastic profits”, which he attributes to his successful 100 day stint.

Donald TrumpAnd that’s just the beginning. We’re putting in a massive tax cut for the middle class and for business. It’s going to have an enormous effect.

Listing out some of the accomplishments of his administration, Trump said the work of his government has been to fight for the American worker, defend the rule of law, and return the power to the American people.

According to Trump, his first 100 days have seen a rise in “economic confidence”, the highest in 9 years. He also claimed that optimism among manufacturers had been on a record high. He added, “And small business confidence has seen its largest increase in nearly four decades.”

The US President also said that the most basic change his government has brought about was in the relationship between the people and their government.

Trump is on a high, calling his first 100 days the most successful in US history. (Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Ivanka Trump)

US President Donald TrumpFor too long, politicians cared more about special interests than they did about a very successful future for all Americans. They took our taxpayers’ money, and sent their jobs and wealth to other countries

That is why the US has withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Trump said.

Donald TrumpThat day was a turning point for our nation. It put the countries of this world on notice that the sellout of the American worker was over.

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