Queen star Brian May 'grateful to be alive' after health complications following heart attack

Lizzie Edmonds
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POOL/AFP via Getty Images
POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Queen star Brian May has said he is “so grateful to be alive” after battling health complications following a heart attack.

The guitarist, 73, had a heart attack in May . He had three blocked arteries and was fitted with three stents.

At the time, he reassured fans he was “ready to rock” and the heart attack was “small.”

But the heart attack lead to various subsequent health problems, including a stomach haemorrhage.

He appeared on Good Morning Britain today to discuss working on music again and his health, saying just weeks ago he was facing a “big mountain to climb” in terms of his health.

Speaking on the ITV show, he said: “It was pretty bad and the complications that came afterwards were pretty bad, so it has been a big mountain to climb to get back up to strength again.

“I’m so grateful to be alive because a few years ago that couldn’t have happened.”

On his recovery, he said: “It has become my new religion really - I just exercise, I do my cardio rehab every day, and I’m getting strong. I’m going to be Iron Man soon.”

About the period after his operation, he previously told the Daily Express: “It was the worst thing, the complications that came on afterwards from the drugs that you have to take actually nearly killed me – much more than the heart attack.

May and Anita Dobson (AFP/Getty Images)
May and Anita Dobson (AFP/Getty Images)

“For about a month I could hardly crawl across the floor, I was really, really bad.”

He hailed his wife Anita Dobson, 71, as “incredible” for helping him recover.

“She totally saved my life because I couldn’t do anything and she just kind of nursed me, so I will forever be in her debt, she did an incredible job on me.”