Quarantine Haircut Fails Are Hilarious AF! Netizens Trend #CoronaCut on Twitter By Sharing Worst Haircut Pics and They Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Team Latestly

Ever since the Coronavirus lockdown has been imposed in countries across the world, only people in the essential services are working. Salons and parlours do not fall into the essential category and these beauty care establishments will be closed for months. So a lot of people are opting to get their haircuts at home. It could be someone cutting their own hair, helping their partner to cut theirs or family members. And as a lot of quarantine activities are being shared on Twitter, pictures of #Coronacut are also being shared online. Quarantine haircut fails with before and after pictures are trending online in the past few days and the results are hilarious.

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In the last few days of the quarantine period, the searches for "how to cut your own hair men" had spiked on Google. A lot of people wanted to know how to trim their hair or give a haircut at home. Meanwhile, some people were also discussing their quarantine beard. With the situation of Coronavirus still being too grim, it looks like the lockdown will last more. And thus people have opted to cut their hair at home. #CoronaCut is becoming an emerging trend on Twitter. And the pictures show that not everyone is a great hairdresser.

Check Some Pictures of Quarantine Haircut Fails:

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How Bad Could it Get?

Wow, That Looks Professional

Traumatic Experience For Some

Fading Haircut

Becoming Mohawks


Haircut From Granddaughter

Best Tip Ever!

So a lot of people have tried out getting haircuts at home and like we can see not everyone has succeeded that well. But well, thankfully no one has to go out for some time due to the quarantine, so there's no too much sulking about everyone seeing it? Have you thought about cutting your own hair during this lockdown?