Quarantine Centre Inmates Given Family Planning Tips and Condoms, Says Sushil Modi

Concerned over the rising population, the Bihar government is offering family planning tips to migrants in quarantine centres and giving them contraceptives as they leave for home on completion of the isolation period, Deputy Chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi said on Monday.

The migrant workers are also being trained in yoga practices at the centres, he said.

A total of 2.14 lakh condoms were distributed among people in quarantine centres across the state in April while the figure spiked to 15.39 lakh in May, he said in a statement.

The measures came in the backdrop of Bihar witnessing a decadal population growth of 25 per cent, the deputy chief minister added.

Talking about the government's initiatives to check population growth, he said the fertility rate has been brought down to 3.2 from 4.3 as a result of sustained efforts such as promoting education level among girls and prohibiting child marriages.

With a view to stabilise the population growth in the state, the deputy chief minister said frontline ASHA workers and ANM during a door-to-door survey made people aware about family planning and gave two packets of condoms to those who wanted it.

Around 11 lakh contraceptive pills were distributed during the period, he said.

The Bihar government is putting every migrant returning to the state in quarantine for 14 days. Their skill mapping is also being done, he said.