Qualcomm To Donate More Than Rs 29 Crores to Help With India's Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis

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As the COVID-19 pandemic rages through the country, with more than 4 lakh new cases in the last 24 hours in India, the second wave has been the most devastating in India. Given that the country is witnessing more than 3,500 deaths each day since the past couple of weeks, there has been help from different ends of the world as well. Now, American chipmaker Qualcomm has announced a $4 million grant (roughly Rs 29.6 crores) that will be used towards the initiatives that will support the country’s ongoing medical and healthcare emergency. “Daily news from the country is leaving us shocked, saddened, and deeply concerned for the wellbeing of its people, including our fellow employees and friends who call India home, the company said in a statement.

Qualcomm said that it has been actively planning how it can best provide relief to communities in India through effective philanthropic action. The company said that is recognised that one of the key strain on the Indian healthcare system is the shortage of medical supplies and lifesaving equipment. Qualcomm said that it will pledge the $4 million (roughly Rs 29.6 crores) via the Qualcomm Charitable Foundation and Qualcomm India Private Limited, and it will be used towards initiatives that will support the country’s medical fraternity in waging the battle.

“The pandemic has created an unprecedented global public health emergency, making it more crucial than ever for us to work together and to offer each other empathy, support and solidarity. We are hopeful that with such positive and timely actions, India will soon overcome this new crisis. In the meantime, we will continue to offer our support to our colleagues, partners, local government, and communities to help them get through this difficult time and stay safe and healthy,” Qualcomm said.

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