Quake-hit Italian-town's mayor slams 'selfie' ghouls

Indo Asian News Service

Amatrice (Italy), April 18 (IANS/AKI) The Mayor of Amatrice has attacked people who pose for selfies on the quake-stricken central Italian mountainside town's ruined buildings.

"I invite people to come here to experience our mountains and scenery which are amazing. But no one should come here to take selfies on the rubble," Sergio Pirozzi told Italy's TG3 news bulletin.

"If they do, I'll get rather furious.

"Today I caught someone taking a selfie and told him to clear off in no uncertain terms," he added.

The medieval town's historic centre was flattened by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake last August that killed 300 people in mountainous central Italy, 238 of them in Amatrice.