QChennai: Nithyananda Buys Island in Ecuador; Onion at Rs 120/kg

1. Inside the World of Rape-Accused Nithyananda's 'Only Hindu' Natio

Abuse, assault, rape, embezzlement — the list of allegations against self- styled godman Nithyananda seems to be getting longer. But that has not stopped the man from establishing his own country. Yes, you read that right. He has bought a private island in Ecuador, named ‘Kailaasa.’ He has declared the island as a Hindu sovereign nation and has already designed a flag, passport and emblem for it. The island is reportedly situated close to Trinidad and Tobago.

All of this information is not based on sources; but is publicly available on ‘Kailaasa’s official website — a website which has a Constitution for the new 'nation', intricate details on this nation and even quizzes you can take!

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2. Enforcement of Traffic Rules Makes City Streets a Lot Safer

traffic police has gone all out to ensure that people wear helmets and seat belts, thus bringing down the number of fatalities.

Never has the enforcement of rules pertaining to motor vehicles, such as the compulsory wearing of helmets or the fastening of seat belts, been as stringent as it is now. A major change in enforcement was brought in thanks to repeated orders on the issue of road safety by the Madras High Court. Today, as a result, the number of fatalities in road traffic accidents has also come down considerably, Traffic Police sources claim.

Vijayaragavan, an advocate, said, “Thanks to the High Court zealously following up on the enforcement of the helmet and seat belt rule, there is a palpable change. Policemen have been literally browbeaten into carrying out the mandate of the court on the ground. Thanks to such perseverance, in the face of adverse reactions, everyone is now compelled to obey.”

(Source: The Hindu)

3. Onion Prices Hit Record High at Rs 120 Per Kilo

even the lesser-known quality of onions from Andhra Pradesh that have less shelf life is being sold at Rs 100.

Onion prices have hit a record high in Chennai selling at Rs 120 per kg with traders claiming it could even breach Rs 150 mark as the promised imports of onions from Turkey and Egypt have yet to reach Indian shores. The demand for onions is such that even the lesser-known quality of onions from Andhra Pradesh that have less shelf life is being sold at Rs 100 catching the consumers off the guard.

While many consumers have cut down on onions and have been relying on cheaper quality, traders say due to unavailability of the crop and lack of intervention from the government, the prices is likely to remain high.

(Source: The New Indian Express)

4. Petrol, LPG Price Hikes Worry Consumers

Experts say gas prices considerably lower than last year.

Consumers are worried over the trend of increasing prices of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and petrol. A 14.2 kg cylinder that cost Rs 590.50 in August, is priced Rs 714 this month in Chennai.

“Look at the quantum of increase. While we do know that the prices keep fluctuating, it is not fair to heap such increases on the consumer’s back when he is already burdened with increase of other goods as well,” said S Kumar, a businessman of Pudupet. Homemaker Mothi Chandrika said that almost every month, the prices of provisions and vegetable and fruits were climbing up making budgeting for the home a tough job.

(Source: The Hindu)

5. MPs From Across Party Lines Looking into Regulation of Child Pornography

A group of Rajya Sabha MPs is looking into the issue of regulating access of children to pornography on the Internet and it has decided to hold deliberations with law enforcement agencies, TRAI and social media giants such as WhatsApp and Facebook, sources said on Tuesday. The informal group includes 14 MPs from 10 parties and it was formed by the Upper House Chairman Venkaiah Naidu.

On November 28, Naidu had asked Congress MP Jairam Ramesh to form a committee comprising lawmakers from across party lines to suggest concrete steps to curb pornography on social media and other Internet platforms which is adversely affecting children. Naidu's suggestion came after the AIADMK MP Vijila Sathyananth raised the issue in the House.

(Source: The New Indian Express)

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