Pyongyang says US sending nuclear taskforces to Korean Peninsula

Indo Asian News Service

Pyongyang, April 24 (IANS) North Korea said that the US is sending nuclear carrier taskforces to waters off the Korean Peninsula around April 25, the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Army.

The official Minju Joson on Sunday, published by the Supreme People's Assembly of North Korea, quoted unspecified military sources as saying that the US plans to "hurl several nuclear carrier taskforces, including Carl Vinson and Nimitz, into the operational theatre of the Korean Peninsula around April 25".

The North Korean army will hit back "whether they are on the peninsula, at military aggression bases in the Pacific or in the US mainland across the ocean" if provoked, Xinhua news agency quoted the newspaper as saying.

"If our Juche weapons with potentials unimaginable by the US open fire, they will destroy the US forces and their stooges to the last man so that there would not be left even a single man who will sign the surrender document," it added.

Juche means the "self-reliance thoughts" created by the North Korean founder Kim Il Sung, which serves as the basis for all domestic, military and foreign policies of the country.

US President Donald Trump said recently Washington was sending an "armada" to the Korean Peninsula to check attempts by North Korea to conduct more nuclear and missile tests.

Speculations are high on whether Pyongyang could conduct another nuclear or missile test around April 25.