Pushkar Singh Dhami's Uttarakhand CM story; What is his plan of action now? | Frankly Speaking

On Frankly Speaking with Navika Kumar, Uttarakhand Chief Minister, Pushkar Sigh Dhami shares some insights into his unenvious role and journey to make his way to the state's top leadership. He explains his stand on the Kanwar Yatra cancellation in light of the upcoming third wave. Dhami took his oath as the CM of Uttarakhand on the 4th of July and has instantly been hit by a big political storm with 4 leadership changes within the past four months. He shares his thoughts on a difference in leadership strategies from Yogi Adityanath’s position and the AAP challenge in the hill state. Further on, he explains how he plans on winning the attained position and what is next in line for the state’s growth. Watch!

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