After 'Puppycorn', Meet Wonky, the Rabbit Whose Ears Make Him Look Like a Unicorn

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A white coloured four-year-old rabbit namely, Wonky has taken over the internet for a trait that not all rabbits have. One of Wonky’s ears is on the center of his head instead of being on the side, as a result, it looks like a Unicorn horn, hence making him resemble a Unicorn.

Wonky came to limelight after RSPCA Milton Keynes and N. Bucks Branch, an organization that primarily rescues and re-homes small animals shared a collage of his pictures on Facebook. In the post, they stated, “Wonky is a wonderful white lop-eared rabbit. He’s got the most adorable wonky ear which flops right over his face when he greets you and at other times sticks right up in the air from the center of his head which makes him look like a unicorn!! He has beautiful big blue eyes and is a larger rabbit (over 3kg)”

The post which was primarily put for Wonky’s adoption also elaborated on how the cute creature loves attention. The post read, “He loves attention and will happily sit with you while you fuss him. He’s not keen on being lifted though which is usual for a rabbit. Wonky is four years old and will need a large, secure housing set up or an indoor home where he can stretch himself out. He would really benefit from a female rabbit company or constant interaction and lots of toys if he lives indoors.”

Soon after the post was shared, netizens could not stop aww-ing, and showering love on his adorable and cute looks.

One Facebook user commented, “What a gorgeous boy he,” while another said, “Love him. Xxx” among a barrage of people who showered their love on four-year-old Wonky.

The organisation, on December 10, Tuesday also informed through Facebook that the good looking rabbit has been reserved and will soon have a home.