There is a Pup on This Dog's Ear! Check Unbelievable Viral Pics

Riddhi Jadhav

A dog lover will find all the dogs, puppies cute and adorable. But well there are some dogs in this world who are born special, their fur, colour or just look wise, they stand out. Sometimes some dogs are born with less fur but as they grow they get a lot of smooth hair growth, making them look fluffy. A certain pet dog named Lucy, however, has such a distinct fur that it will make you look at her twice and over again. The fur on Lucy's left ear looks like there is a small pup hiding there. Yes, we are not kidding! Lucy is really blessed with a unique fur pattern which makes it look like, it is carrying a puppy on its ear. Rare Dog Breed Mexican Hairless Which Looks Like a Statue Shocks Netizens! (See Pictures).

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Lucy is a two-year-old Pitbull Terrier Mix, a resident from Rochester in New York. Thanks to her unique looks, she is already a star on Instagram with over 10,000 followers. While it is not uncommon to have dog accounts on Instagram, what makes Lucy stand out is the fur on her ears. It actually looks like two eyes, a nose and a mouth all on her little floppy ears. #WhatTheFluffChallenge Viral Videos: Dogs Are Adorably Freaking Out as Owners Play Peek-a-boo!

Check Pics of Lucy Dog With Pup-like Fur on Her Ear: 

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Can You See It?

So Prominent!

Is That Not a Pup? 

Such a Happy Smile!

Puppy Face But on The Ear!

The resemblance to the puppy face is so uncanny that even netizens were first a bit confused about its look. Well, Lucy should've had the letter 'k' in her name, as she's is definitely lucky to have that fur pattern.