Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala lands in soup for hurting religious sentiments

Punjab singer Sidhu Moose Wala

Punjab singer Sidhu Moose Wala landed in a controversy on Friday for using the name of Mai Bhago, the legendary Sikh woman who led 40 Sikh soldiers in fight against Mughals, inappropriately in a leaked song which was set to be released shortly.

A complaint each was filed against Moose Wala for hurting religious sentiments in Bathinda and Mansa even as Moose Wala appeared live on a social media platform to tender an apology for the inadvertent mistake .

Bathinda SSP Nanak Singh said Baba Hardeep Singh of Mehraj submitted a complaint against the singer. SSP said DSP city (1) was directed to look into the complaint.

There were reports of Sikh activists protesting outside the house of Moose Wala’s native village Moosa in Mansa. The singer’s mother Charan Kaur is the sarpanch of the village. A police official in Mansa said that a complaint of hurting religious sentiments of Sikhs was made against the singer by the Sikh activists. The official said police were looking into the complaint.

Condemning the singer for showing the great martyr, exceptionally skilled warrior and highly revered Sikh woman Mai Bhago in a bad light in the video of his latest song , Shiromani Akali Dal asked the Punjab government to immediately ban the song and ensure a stern action against the culprits by registering a criminal case against singer, lyricist and the company for intentionally hurting the feelings of the Sikh community .

In a written statement, SAD s senior vice president and spokesperson Daljit Singh Cheema said that Sidhu Moose Wala had committed a heinous crime by inappropriately mentioning the great Sikh woman Mai Bhago, who was known for rallying 40 Sikhs (Chali Mukte) and bringing them back to fight after they abandoned Shri Guru Gobind Singh at the siege of Anandpur Sahib in his utterly obscene song .

It clearly shows that the singer and his promoters have no knowledge or respect for the great Sikh martyrs as they were just using the pious figures of the glorious Sikh history for their petty commercial gains, he lamented, adding that a criminal case must be registered against all of them and they should be arrested .

In a live video, Moose Wala tendered an apology calling it an inadvertent mistake . Maintaining that he was himself a devout Sikh, the singer said he did not have even one percent inkling that the para in the song will hurt the sentiments of the community. He said he will remove the objectionable para .