Punjab student writes to PM on how 'Exam Warriors' helped reduce stress, gets response

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New Delhi, Feb 4 (PTI) A student from Amritsar in Punjab was pleasantly surprised to get a reply from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to his letter in which he had talked about how beneficial the PM's book 'Exam Warriors' had been in reducing stress.

'You should make continuous development of your knowledge, skills and abilities with hard work and dedication, your goal. Constantly trying to improve yourself will take you to new heights in life,' Prime Minister Modi wrote back to Pranav Mahajan who was elated on receiving the letter.

Pranav had written a letter to the prime minister, saying that his book 'Exam Warriors' had helped him reduce stress during exams.

The prime minister has written a book titled 'Exam Warriors' in which he talks about reducing stress during examinations and also gives tips for performing well.

In the letter written to Pranav, the prime minister said that it was from the curiosity of young friends that he got inspiration to write the book.

'It is nice to know that this book has helped in bringing a positive change in your attitude towards exams and now you do not feel pressured with exams but you are inspired to celebrate them like a festival,' Modi said in the letter, according to sources.

Earlier, Pranav in his letter to the prime minister shared his views on the book 'Exam Warriors'.

He wrote that stress management was a big challenge for him during exam days, but after reading the book, he does not stress about exams.

Pranav had said that according to the advice given in the book, now he has also included yoga and exercise in his routine, which has benefited him.

Exam Warriors is written in a fun and interactive style, with illustrations, activities and yoga exercises. PTI ASK ANB ANB