Punjab: Special event held to promote drug-free life on Guru Nanak Dev's 550th birth anniversary

Amritsar (Punjab) [India], Nov 10 (ANI): On the occasion of Guru Nanak Dev's 550th birth anniversary, a special event was organised here at The Hermitage Rehab to promote a drug-free life.

Speaking to ANI, Amandeep Singh, a participant, said: "The effort to bring 550 recovering drug addicts to celebrate this occasion was very successful in showing that it is possible to recover from any ill-effect of the drug if one is determined to do so."

Dr Jagdeep Bhatia said the recovering addicts had worked hard to overcome their drug addiction, inspired by the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev.

"They have promised that they will live their lives according to the principles and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev ji. They have removed all forms of vanity and egos from their hearts," he said. (ANI)