Punjab: Chhatbir Zoo battles chill

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Special arrangements for winter at Chhatbir Zoo. (Express photo)

Special arrengments have been made at Chhatbir Zoo to protect the animals from the biting cold. Among other steps, nutritional supplements and micro nutrients such as mineral vitamins are being added to the regular diet of animals to increase immunity which will help in improving the capacity of thermo regulation. The routine feed is modified based on animals’ needs.

A senior zoo official informed that during the winters, 100 kg sugarcane is given to each elephant every day, 100 gm honey to each bear along with 1kg sugarcane, rock salt to lick for all herbivores, 100 gm jaggery (gur) to each deer every day, 20 gm jaggery to each monkey every day along with 100 gm sugarcane. Alsee seeds and nutrition supplements to small birds.

Meanwhile, all bird cages have been covered with fiber cloth, jute mats and polythene sheets tightly to save them from the cold wind and the winter rain. Paddy straw, wheat husk and rice bran bedding have also been provided to all birds for warm nesting. On the inside, a foldable covering is used to open for sunlight whenever needed. All the pheasant cages have been enriched with grass/paddy/kanna structure to provide a cozy environment.

For the reptiles, the reptile house has been equipped with oil fin heaters which are effective as they do not negatively affect the humidity of their enclosures. Apart from that, all reptiles cells have been provided with wheat husk, dry leaf foliage and heavy blankets to provide them coziness. Keeping in view the sensitive exotic reptiles such as iguanas, special reptile basking lamps have been imported and fitted in the reptile section. Special aquarium water heaters with water circulation system are also being provided to the turtles and tortoises.