Pune: Sand boa rescued from Bundgarden water pumping station

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The snake was brought to the Koregaon Park police chowky. (Express photo)

A sand boa snake, commonly known as mandul, was recently rescued from the Bundgarden water pumping station and handed over to state Forest department officials.

Kishor Shivarkar, who works as a driver for the Bundgarden Water Supply Division, saw the sand boa snake at the local water pumping station on Wednesday and contacted Police Naik M D Dhande.

Dhande informed a ‘sarpamitra’ (snake catcher) Mohammaed Madari about it, who rescued the sand boa snake and brought it to the Koregaon Park police chowky safely. After the Forest department was alerted, forest guard R B Raskar reached the police chowky, along with ‘sarpamitra’ Ravi Lohire, who works with the Wild Life Welfare Association. They took the snake away.

Sand boa (Eryx johnii) is a non- venomous snake, which is protected under Schedule IV of the Wild Life Protection Act 1972.

Sand boas are considered to be “lucky” because of a superstition that they have supernatural powers. It is believed that possession of the snake can make a person rich and destroy his/her enemies.

According to police, some people spend lakhs to buy sand boa snakes, which are also called snakes with ‘two mouths’.

In June last year, two persons were arrested by Pune City police for illegal possession of a sand boa. Probe revealed that the accused procured the snake from rural parts of Amravati district and then came to Pune, where they were looking for a customer for the serpent.