Pune Police Shares Inspiring Video of Specially-abled People, Advises All to Mask Up

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The coronavirus pandemic had brought our lives to a standstill last year and while we are still trying to get back our lost speed of life, the virus is back with another threatening wave. The cases being reported have gone up and there is a need to take precautions more than ever. Masking up is one way in which we can minimize the spread of this virus and save many lives. While the authorities will take actions, the onus is also on the general public to take precautions and maskup. However, many continue to refuse to wear a mask and put their and others’ life at risk.

Authorities have been using various means to reach out to such people and make them understand the seriousness of the situation and inspire them to follow the COVID-19 protocols to reduce the risks of another possible outbreak. In another such bid, Pune Police took to social media to share an inspiring video with a message for such people who refuse to identify the seriousness of the coronavirus wave.

Sharing the video on Twitter, Pune Police wrote, “‘It's feels so hot, can't wear this mask' – If you have used these words recently, then this video is for YOU."

The 30-second clip features people with special ability masking up to fight the battle against the pandemic. Despite the problems that these people face, they don't use it as an excuse to avoid mask. The video has got over 16K views, almost a thousand likes and the numbers are going up every minute.

Maharashtra –especially Mumbai, Pune — has been at the receiving end of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic with the daily cases going up, the threat of a possible lockdown is also looming over. However, the authorities have ruled out the possible lockdown for now, but if the situation does not get in control, extreme steps might be force.