Pune Man Wears Gold Face Mask Worth Almost 3 Lakhs Amid Coronavirus Pandemic! Pictures Go Viral on Twitter With Funny Reactions and Memes

Shaloo Tiwari
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Indians and their love for gold is endless! Proof? Well, a man on Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad just got a mask made out of gold and it is said to be worth 2.9 lakh rupees! Yes, while our Prime Minister may have clearly asked us to use anything from a scarf to cloth mask as protection during the coronavirus pandemic, this man went a step ahead and legit bought a mask made out of gold. Well, at least that's one way to show off your wealth. The pictures of this man is going viral on social media where he can be seen donning the gold mask on his face.

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Shankar revealed that he has made this mask of gold for almost 2 lakh 90 thousand rupees and it weighs for about five and a half tolas (Around 60 grams). There are fine holes for him to breathe in the mask and according to Shankar, it is completely safe to prevent coronavirus. He also said that he got the idea inspired by seeing a man wearing a silver mask on TV.

Check Out Pics Of Shankar in Gold Mask Amid Coronavirus Pandemic:

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Check out the reactions the gold mask is getting on Twitter:






Yea, Really Why?

Shankar also said that if his family demand such a mask, he will get it made for them as well. He said he doesn't exactly know if he can be infected by corona wearing a gold mask but he is at least following the rules of social distancing. However, we are here to just remind you that while the lockdown may have been eased the coronavirus numbers have not gone down. In fact, places like Mumbai and are seeing record COVID-19 numbers and therefore it is extremely important to not leave your house without a mask, and it may not necessarily be of gold.