Pune: Leopard cubs rescued from sugarcane field in Nagargaon village

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], Nov 21 (ANI): Three leopard cubs were rescued and returned to their mother by the Wildlife SOS and Forest department team from a sugarcane field in Nagargaon village in Shirur range here.

The approximately 25-day old cubs were kept under observation after their rescue, following which they were united with their mother.

This being the harvest season, local sugarcane farmers were on the way to their field when they stumbled upon the three cubs and then alerted the Wildlife SOS team, which operates out of the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Center.

The cubs, one male, and two females were found to be in good health and returned in the vicinity of the area in which they were found.

The officials placed the cubs in a safe box and the team installed a remote-controlled camera trap to document the reunion process.

"The mother must have been searching for her cubs, as within a few minutes she was able to sniff them out. On reaching the crate, she patiently waited to ensure no danger stood in the way, and then she cleverly used her paws to carefully tip it over. She then moved them to a safer location. Wildlife SOS makes every effort to make such rescue and reunion operations possible," said Dr Ajay Deshmukh, Senior Veterinarian at the Wildlife SOS.

Deshmukh also thanked the villagers for their sensitivity and for taking the right step. (ANI)