Pune: Engineer visiting Sinhagad falls 250 feet from hill fortress, rescued by Giripremi team

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The rescue team with Thakare. (Express)

A team from mountaineering club Giripremi on Friday rescued a 28-year-old engineer, who had fallen 200-250 feet near the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) facility at Sinhagad Fort, which is located on a hill.

Veteran mountaineer Umesh Zirpe from Giripremi Club received a call about the accident on Friday morning. He called the Giripremi team working at the fort, which rescued the engineer, Pravin Thakare.

Thakare had climbed up to the fort on Thursday afternoon, said Zirpe. Later in the day, while taking a photo of the sunset, he fell down nearly 200-250 feet. Thakare managed to call his friends at his hometown Nagpur and seek help, before he fell unconscious from the impact of the fall.

“Thakare’s friends came all the way from Nagpur to find him. But it was an alert trekker who was at the fort on Friday morning, Mihir Behere, who called us at Giripremi,” said Zirpe.

The team from Giripremi rescued Thakare and lifted him on a stretcher. He was sent to the hospital in an ambulance.

Thakare suffered trauma injuries to the cervical and lumbar spine and was dehydrated, but he is out of danger, said doctors.

According to Zirpe, Giripremi receives several calls at the Maharashtra Mountaineering Rescue Coordination Centre (MMRCC), which was set up by Giripremi and Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering in 2016. Their 24X7 helpline was launched to coordinate immediate search and rescue operations anywhere in Maharashtra, predominantly in hilly and remote areas.

“The Sahyadri range of Maharashtra has now become a playground for adventure enthusiasts, especially trekkers, rock climbers, photographers, and nature lovers. However, the remoteness of some of the locations, the difficulty of technical climbs and dangers of wilderness have led to serious mishaps, at times even fatal ones...,” Zirpe said.