Pune Division to issue IDs enabled with QR code to ticket-checking staff

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According to Pune Division, the move will enable passengers as well as security personnel to identify fake TTEs. (File)

WITH increasing instances of miscreants robbing passengers by posing as travelling ticket examiners (TTEs), the Pune Division of Indian Railways has now decided to issue QR code-enabled identity cards to its ticket-checking staff. The move, according to the Division, will enable passengers as well as security personnel to identify fake TTEs.

In recent times, the Railways has received numerous complaints from passengers of suspicious-looking TTEs entering train coaches and checking tickets of passengers. Railway security personnel have also nabbed imposters, posing as TTEs to extort money from ticketless travellers. As per information provided by Pune Division officials, in the last few months, five individuals posing as TTEs were apprehended.

“Considering that some of these imposters had forged ID cards that resembled those issued by the railway administration to its TTEs, we have now decided to issue new QR code-enabled ID cards to our ticket checking staffers. Besides, porters at the Pune railway station too have been issued similar ID cards. Any passenger can use the mobile application that reads the QR codes to determine the genuineness of the ID cards,” said Manoj Jhavar, Public Relation Officer for Pune Division.

Apart from fake TTEs, railway authorities have also found persons who impersonate security personnel in order to travel without ticket.

Railway officials said in the last few months, they have caught four persons travelling without ticket while posing as policemen and had forged ID cards in their possession. Officials said the Central Railway has intensified its drive to curb the menace of ticketless travel. Senior officers are closely monitoring the revenue loss due to ticketless travel and such other irregularities.