Pug Quarantining in UP with Family Distressed as Favourite Dog Food Runs Out

The ten family members of an engineer, who died due to Corona last week, have been quarantined at an apartment in Kalinidpuram area. The members are together and not stressed at being in quarantine.

Their anxiet,y however, is about their dog Max, who has been quarantined with the family.

Anurag Singh, a family member, said, "None of us were ready to leave Max behind as we feared he would be neglected and would not eat in our absence. He is an integral part of our family."

The family, however, is now worried about the nine-month-old pug who is not eating because his favourite dog food is not available at the quarantine centre.

"He is losing weight and looks unhappy. We give him 'pooris' with tomato ketchup or eggs and roti but he does not like the food," said Anurag.

Max, apparently, is also uncomfortable due to increasing temperatures.

"We don't have an air conditioner or desert cooler at the quarantine centre and Max cannot bear the heat," said Anurag.

The family is now looking for a home for Max.

"We were looking for someone who could keep Max with them and feed him properly for just a week which is when our quarantine period will be over and we will take him back," said Anurag.

However, it seems that no family is ready to take the dog because they fear he may be infected too after having stayed with the family in quarantine.

Even the dog clinics in Prayagraj have refused to accept the responsibility of the dog.

As things stand, the dog will just have to grin and bear it till the family moves out of the quarantine centre.