Pufferfish creates beautiful underwater designs on sand to attract female partners during mating period (Watch Video)

Nithya Nair
A male pufferfish spends around ten days constructing the sand structure to woo females.

Nature is the first creator while the man copies it. An amazing little pufferfish’s abilities are going to surprise you. The little one carves ornate symmetrical patterns into the sandy floor to attract female partners. Who need to have pick up lines when bae is such an artist! When the phenomena were discovered in 1995, no one could explain it. A team of researches has been behind this artistic carving only to know it was puffer fish’s mating rituals. It was divers who first noticed the 2-meter-wide circular structures near Japan’s Amami-Oshima Island. Researchers first thought it was a bigger fish which was doing it, they could not believe that a small fish was doing this.

While other fish also construct mounds during mating period, pufferfish’s creation is unique and different from the rest. A male pufferfish spends around ten days constructing the structure to woo females. The fish uses his body to create the designs in the sand in circular motion. The fish also designs the sand with coral and shell when the female fish comes to inspect it. Depending on the beauty of his work, the female fish decided whether to mate with the fish or not. It is not sure what the female judge actually judges, scientists say that it could be the fine sand or central patterns that attract them. Hang Son Doong cave: World’s largest cave is a 2.5 million year old astounding beauty of nature!

After mating, Pufferfish lay eggs in the fine sediments in the centre of the circles and leave, while males fertilise it externally. It is the male fish who stay for six days probably to guard the eggs, as per a study.

Watch the video here: