We’re Public Figures, Not Public Property: Vidya Balan

In a recent interview actress Vidya Balan shared a disturbing incident that adds another dimension to the ongoing debate on sexual harassment. The Begum Jaan actress told SpotboyE that a male fan wanted to click a selfie with her at the Kolkata airport, and misbehaved with her despite being warned thrice.

Vidya Balan, ActorA few days ago Bhatt saab (Mahesh Bhatt), Srijit Mukherji and I were returning form an event in Kolkata, and on the way back there was this man who put his arm around me. When a stranger puts his arm around you, be it a man or a woman, you’re a bit....because it’s intruding into your private space. So I said, “don’t”. He put it again. My manager saw that and she said please don’t, and he still did it the third time. So I said “Listen don’t. What do you think you’re doing? This is absolutely wrong. You know, we’re public figures, not public property. 

Vidya Balan has always portrayed strong female characters on screen, but that didn’t stop this notorious fan from touching her inappropriately. This incident goes to show how certain men don’t understand the meaning of ‘consent’ at all, which is probably why ‘what is sexual harassment’ is still such a grey area.

Vidya Balan will be seen in Srijit Mukherji’s Begum Jaan next and here’s applauding her statement, that urges all women to speak up about their stories of sexual harassment.

(Source: SpotboyE)