PUBGmania strikes again: 20-year-old PUBG addict dies after drinking chemical instead of water

We all have heard different stories about how addictive PUBG is. Addiction to this online multi-player shooting game has been the root of several incidents in the past.

In one such bizarre news, a 20-year old boy has died after he consumed some chemical instead of water, while he was engrossed in killing virtual enemies on his phone.

The boy, identified as Saurabh Yadav, was on his way to Agra from Gwalior on board a train. He was accompanied by his friend, Santosh Sharma, who dealt in ornaments and was carrying a chemical used to clean and polish jewellery, reported Hindustan Times.

Yadav who was a parking lot assistant was so engrossed in playing PUBG on his mobile that he accidentally picked up the chemical bottle in place of the water bottle and drank the liquid without even checking it. They were, reportedly, carrying a common travel bag.

According to the GRP officials, Yadav collapsed after consuming the polishing chemical and his condition deteriorated quickly. He soon died before by the time the train reached Agra. His body has been sent for a post-mortem examination.

Earlier in a similar case, a teen studying in class 12th died after suffering from a cardiac arrest, while playing the game for six hours straight. There have been innumerable instances where PUBGmania has resulted in kids and grown-ups fleeing from their houses or have been accused of neglecting their responsibilities.