PUBG-Themed Cafe in Srinagar: ‘Chicken Dinner’ for Everyone

Producer: Kaushiky Kashyap

Video Editor: Deepthi Ramads

Camera: Syed Shahriyar

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game, popularly known as PUBG has become an addiction for many. In colleges, offices, bus, metro, almost everywhere players are seen glued to their mobile phones.

Tournaments, ammunition, player rankings, live games and the famous ‘chicken dinner for the winner’ have become the daily routine for many youngsters across India.

Taking this craze to another level, Srinagar has got its first PUBG-themed cafe! The interiors of the cafe are designed like the battleground in the game which give the customers the ‘real feel’ of the game.

The fun doesn’t end here, customers are given fake ammunition, helmets and other game accessories to get the real experience of the game. The cafe gives a ‘war-zone’ feel to the customers.

PUBG was launched in March 2017 on various mobile platforms. It crossed 100 million downloads in less than 4 months of its launch. 227 million people play PUBG monthly and 87 million play it daily (worldwide).

But What’s the Best Part? The Delicious Chicken Dinner Is for Everyone!

Gauging the popularity of the game, Humaan Javed thought of opening the restaurant. Humaan, with two other friends, started this cafe about a month ago. The initial response was only from the youngsters who played the game but now others are also being drawn in due to the battleground theme of the restaurant.

The food menu is also very interesting. Even losers can enjoy the scrumptious chicken dinner!

Budding Cafe Culture in Kashmir: Game of Thrones Cafe

On the banks of Dal lake is the interesting Game of Thrones-themed Winterfell cafe. Humaan (owner of Winner’s Dinner) realised that Kashmir doesn’t have many interesting, themed cafes and that’s why people are fascinated by such eateries. The GOT-themed cafe was also very well received by a lot of people and on social media.

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