PUBG Mobile beta v0.11.5: The new G36C rifle, riding the Tukshai three-wheeler and more

Kshitij Pujari

The >latest beta version of PUBG Mobile, which is now in ver. 0.11.5, brings a few changes to the Zombie mode, introduces a new gun called the G36C and a new vehicle in the form of the Tukshai 3-wheeler. While this is not a significant update as compared to the previous one which introduced the Zombie mode, I was interested in seeing the new weapon and also experience what PUBG was calling 'dynamic' weather on the Eragnel map.

Is the new gun any good?

The G36C is an assault rifle which takes 5.56 mm rounds, the same as the M416, Scar-L, QBZ, and AUG. While these guns are a personal favourite of mine, especially the M416, I felt that the G36C didn't inspire a lot of confidence in comparison. In the Vikendi map, this gun will be replacing the Scar-L and it became apparent that this was not the most ideal replacement. For one the G36C has a firing rate which is a third of the Scar-L's.

While all attachments that fit AR rifles like a compensator, suppressor, and extended mags fit on the G36C, the recoil on the gun is slightly more than I want even with a vertical grip attached. One thing the G36C can't have is a tact stock, exclusive to the M416 and Vector, which gives reduced recoil and bullet spread in the gun.  The G36C resembles the UMP 9 a lot more than any AR in its category.

Wait... what? An autorickshaw in PUBG?

In the crudest sense of the word, that is what the Tukshai 3-wheeler is. An autorickshaw. The Jeep, Dacia, and Mini Bus on the Sanhok map have been replaced by this three-wheeler, in what I can only term as a disaster. The Tukshai doesn't have boost, can only seat three people and has a horribly slow pickup.

You basically sign a death warrant by getting into one of these. It can house only three people and when I unloaded 25 5.56 mm rounds in the vehicle it burst into flames. In comparison, the Dacia and the four-wheel buggy can take up to 45-50 rounds before exploding. Your only hope of a fast getaway in the Sanhok map is the motorbike or convertible, both of which leave you exposed to attacks as they have no cover.

Zombies are still the kinda the same

The new update touts everything from new abilities to special zombies. The only difference I noticed was that the zombies can now come into water, so for those trying to play it safe in the Rozhok river >*cough*Shomik*cough*, you're outta luck. Apart from that, the zombie mode is basically the same as before, although I didn't get a chance to see how the resource drops have been tuned. The fuel content in cars has been increased to nearly 25 percent, which should give you enough fuel to ride out the second zombie wave (a cowards way out, if you ask me).

Dynamic weather?

This feature seemed a bit interesting and it is present only on the Eragnel map. Rain is a new element that has been introduced in the map but makes no noticeable difference to the movement. In the same game it can also get foggy, which drastically affects visibility, and then in mere moments, it will be sunny again. The implementation seems great and I'm quite excited about future weather-related updates in the game.

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