PUBG Game Turns Fatal in Mangaluru, 12-Year-Old Boy Killed by Teen After Fight Over the Online Game

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Bengaluru, April 5: In a shocking incident, a 12-year-old boy was killed by a teenager in Karnataka after a fight over PUBG game. Reports inform that the incident took place in Ullal area of Mangaluru on Saturday. As per details by Police, the accused, who is aged 17-18 years, has been taken into custody. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game. PUBG Mobile India was banned in September 2020 by the Indian government due to data privacy concerns.

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According to a report by Hindustan Times, the victim has been identified as Mohammed Akeef. Police informed that the accused and the victim were residents of the same locality. The duo had befriended each other around three months ago but the two shared a good bond over their love for the online game. The two boys often played PUBG against each other online, police added. PUBG Claims Another Life! Class 10 Boy in Tamil Nadu Commits Suicide After Parents Scold Him for Playing Online Game Continuously.

The HT report informs that as the victim, Mohammed Akeef, would win regularly, the accused suspected that he got someone else to play on his behalf. The accused then challenged the victim to play it in his presence. The report informs that the duo met near a playground for a game that Akeef ended up losing. Police said that after the victim lost the game, the older boy accused him of cheating in earlier games.

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N Shashi Kumar, the Mangaluru city police commissioner, informed that the heated argument between the two boys turned violent and Akeef allegedly pushed the other boy and threw a stone at him. The other boy reacted by throwing a bigger stone at Akeef, who started to bleed and later collapsed, police said. The accused then covered him with leaves of banana and coconut trees. The other boy threw a bigger stone at Akeef, who started to bleed and later collapsed. The accused then panicked, pushed Akeef to a corner, and covered him with leaves of banana and coconut trees.

The incident came to light after Akeef didn’t return home and his family approached the police. The family members expressed suspicion about the accused, who was later interrogated in the matter. After denying initially, he led the police to the spot where Akeef’s body was found. Police have registered an FIR of murder (IPC section 302) in the case.