New PUBG Feature Won’t Let You Camp in the Middle of the Safe Zone

There’s only one way to win a battle royale game like PUBG. You survive until the end of the game. It doesn’t really matter if you get many kills or collect valuable points.

Survival is key.

Now there are two ways to go about this. Either you’re an expert marksman and kill all the enemies or you sit in a safe zone and camp until there’s only one other player to kill.

It seems that PUBG’s developers don’t want ‘campers’ to have an undue advantage, which is why it is looking to introduce a feature that will stop players from camping in the safe zone.

What is it?

The upcoming feature will reportedly be called Bluehole Mode which will create another smaller circle inside the safe zone that will also inflict damage to players within that circle.

The new “Inner Blue Zone” will be both a camping deterrent and an indicator of where the next circle will be.

How the Bluehole mode will look in the gameplay.

As per the game’s rules, the players who luckily land up in the safe zone have a higher chance of winning the game. PUBG wants to end that advantage for everyone by making another circle inside the safe zone that inflicts the same damage as those outside the bigger safe zone.

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How Does it Work?

An inner blue circle will appear on the map from the start of the game until the end. This inner blue circle will be the same size as the next safe zone. It will be difficult for the players to stay inside this blue zone as they will take on damage if they do so.

The only exception when the inner blue zone will not appear will be in the final phase of the game. The damage levels of the Inner blue zone is the same as that of the next blue zone phase.

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In this zone, the items spawn 0.5 times faster than public matches and you can also revive players 4-times faster in this mode. Also, the damage dealt in this inner blue zone is the same as the next blue zone.

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