No, PUBG addiction did not kill the 20 year old Telangana boy

PUBG addiction has become a cause of concern for many. The rising popularity of the game has forced the Gujarat government to ban this mobile game in schools. It has also forced Rajkot district administration among others to bar citizens from playing the game in public area. It is because of this reason that the game sometimes gets blamed for incidents that are not caused due to players' addiction to it.

On Monday morning, news report suggested that a 20-year-old boy in Telangana had died after playing the PUBG for over a month.

According to a report by The Hans India, the boy Sagar, who hailed from Jagitial area of Telangana died after playing PUBG for 45 days straight. As per the report, the boy suffered serious neck ache after he played the popular mobile game for over a month. He was taken to a hospital in Hyderabad following complaints of severe neck ache where he passed away while undergoing treatment. The reports further suggested that nerves around Sagar's neck had been damaged completely as he played PUBG for a prolonged period of time, which ulimately lead to his demise.

However, according to a separate report by the Times of India, the Telangana boy did not die due to PUBG addiction. Sagar Yadav was reportedly suffering from a serious infection for which he was undergoing a treatment at Bristlecone Hospitals, Barkatpura.

The report further suggests that the video, that was shot by Sagar's friends and went viral online, had been shot in zest. He was in tremendous pain due to his infection and the video had been shot just to make him laugh. While he did receive treatment for his ailment after which he recovered from his condition, but he soon relapsed and was paralysed on the right side of the body. He passed away on Thursday afternoon. "He was suffering from a serious infection and was undergoing treatment. Sagar's unfortunate demise has absolutely no connection with PUBG or any other games he may not have been addicted to," Dr Kiran Raj told Hyderabad Times, as reported by TOI.

Notably, this is not an isolated incident wherein playing PUBG has been associated with extreme social behaviour. According to a report by The New Indian Express, a boy in Karnataka failed his first year pre-university exam after he wrote about 'how to play PUBG game' in his Economics answer sheet. As per the report, the boy got addicted to the mobile game, owing to which he lost a track of his exams and failed his exams.

In a separate incident, a 15 year old boy went missing from his home since March 11, 2019. As per a News18 report, they boy's father claimed that his son was a great PUBG player and that he had been brainwashed by his friends to leave his home. His father, Rajesh Kumar Jayant who is a teacher at a government school in Delhi, has also alleged that Ghaziabad Police isn't helping him to locate his son. Initial investigations reveal that the boy was chatting with someone on PUBG and that his last message said that he would continue using the game but with a different screen name.