'Psych' Emerges as Favourite Multiplayer Game During Coronavirus Lockdown

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The Coronavirus outbreak has confined us all within the walls of our houses. While some are playing indoor games with their family or sharpening their hobbies, a lot more people are spending their time playing online games with their friends or random gamers. One of these games is Psych.

A multiplayer game available on mobile, Psych lets you reveal some false information mixed with the true answer, and your friends have to call out your bluff. It has multiple categories, including general questions and movie bluff.

Interestingly, the game has emerged to be one of the most played games. Netizens have revealed that they love playing pysch, giving that all the gamers stay online.

Here’s what people have to say:

For participating in it, gamers need to share a code, which they have received on their devices and they are good to go. Psych is available for free on both iOS as well as Android devices. It can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play Store.

The other games that can be played online during quarantine at home include Call of Duty, Portal:2, Coup and counterstrike.